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It's been a long eight years and I'm looking forward to finally drawing cartoons under another president. I was digging through to archives trying to find some interesting stuff for you. I'll have to be selective since the first 100 or so cartoons I did were horrible.

Remember that war idea? That turned out pretty good. Here's one of my first cartoons of Bush.

After the invasion, a peaceful democracy took a few weeks to develop.

Eventually technology reached the point where color could be transmitted via computer screens and I jumped on that bandwagon.

Apparently the Bush administration wasn't completely honest with us about WMDs.

Some innocent pranks happened at Abu Ghraib prison and I blew it all out of proportion. The initial claim that it was a few bad apples has proven correct and I
remain embarrassed about the comic to this day.

Wait a minute. What's going on in the fourth panel of this cartoon? Holy shit--it's an honest-to-god Terrorist Fist Jab!

Tuesday I'll post cartoons from the second term.
01.18.2009 |