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Cartoon Crutch Quilt

We've all seen the editorial cartooning tropes; couple at the breakfast table, couple watching TV, flood waters labeled with a problem. We've all done them. Some rely on them more than others.

Mike Luckovich is the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution and probably the most widely reprinted editorial cartoonist in America. A New York Times editor dubbed him the "alpha male" of our field. Luckovich always draws the same middle-aged couple in front of a 147-inch wall-mounted flatscreen TV commenting on the day's news.

I was curious to know how often he really does it, so I strolled through his archive and made a quilt out of them! The cartoons below are from the last year and a half only. (And I think I may have missed a few.)

(click to enlarge)

That's a lot of TVs! Is this laziness or does recycling a scene for your joke delivery help the cartoon in some way? I ask in all seriousness.
01.14.2009 |