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My girlfriend bought a pack of smokes with a debit card once so we get non-stop Camel shit in the mail. Back when the stimulus checks went out they sent us coupons that looked like a government check and told us to stimulate the economy. The latest came in December and is specifically designed to stop people from quitting as a New Year's resolution. Nice.

I love that design. Love the copy even more. I look at people smoking Camels and I think "style." When are fashion shows going to let the ladies smoke on the catwalk? That would be stylish. And fierce.

Worried about your rep? Who isn't. Gotta keep that shit intact. But did you know Camel can "protect your rep"? It's true--just fill out the "confidentiality agreement." Don't forget to smoke Camels.

Whenever I'm out partying, smoking Camels, and engaging in illegal/immoral behavior I always run into the problem of people not keeping it confidential. (it's always the non-Camel smokers who snitch.) Well, problem solved. Thanks for the contract Camel. You just made lifer out of me.
01.08.2009 |