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Cry Off: Gandhi vs. Lady Liberty

Violence in Mumbai--time to cry!

First up: Lady Liberty. I'm ashamed to be represented by this statue. Anytime there's a tragedy, you can always count on her green ass to start weeping. That's not America!


Gary Varvel
Indianapolis Star
Nov 30, 2008

OK, that was alright. Nothing too impressive. Let's see if Gandhi can bring it.

Tom Stiglich
Journal Register Newspapers
Dec 2, 2008

Strong cry. Very sorrowful. The "terrorism" label on the smoke let's you know this isn't a common house fire but a serious issue of international terrorism. I'd say that wins.

Wait--I'm getting word a crying elephant wants in on the Cry Off! This elephant is sad!

OK, where's Vishnu and Ganesh? Obviously, those two are wailing right now. Why won't a cartoonist do them justice?


12.02.2008 |