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Let's reach into the mailbag and answer some questions from fans!

You are totally full of shit, are you on Al Qaida's payroll?
I am not, although I'd probably make more if I was. I don't think terror is doing nearly as bad as the newspaper industry. I also bathe frequently and they have a clause in their contracts against that.

Tom T:
I would like to point out to you that your 11-24 strip is just the kind of "hate" mongfering[sic] you so often lampoon...I would like to know what your beliefs are about God and Jesus Christ, they are obviously faulty.

Just to clarify what I am saying, "Ye must be born again".
Tom, I'm super Jesus-y. Not only do I hate hate, but I want to help the poor get a leg up on them 'ol money changers. Many believers may not know this, but Focus on the Family is never mentioned once in the New Testament.
12.01.2008 |