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Nader has been so irrelevant in this election he hardly warrants another comic. But when I saw him last week, his supporters came off as so wacky I had to do some comic reporting. (See a previous one here.)

As I say in the comic, his speech was what you’d expect. There was plenty to agree with and I couldn’t help but wondering why this man wasted the last decade running for President instead of doing something meaningful like writing books or starting a PAC.

Nader wants the media to focus on the issues, but his remaining supporters seemed more concerned with bizarre conspiracy theories. Half of the audience questions focused on these concerns and what Nader would do about them “as President.”

I expected to see the so-called 9/11 Truthers there, but the chem trail question really threw me for a loop. I looked around to see if everyone was as mystified as I, but apparently not understanding how jets make condensation trails is more widespread than I thought.

Waiting for the bus outside the rally, a woman next to me brought it up. She said she never gets sick but thought the chem trails may have resulted in her cold. A massive government conspiracy is underway to give people sinus congestion! Then she started talking about how people with Downs Syndrome look like aliens and may be the result of genetic tampering by scientists or chemicals in our food.

See you in four more, Ralph!

10.27.2008 |