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I was going to write a lengthy diatribe about the Halloween cartoon cliche for this entry. Luckily, my friend Kevin Moore already did that earlier this week, so I’ll just quote him:

And that’s the problem with relying on cliches for inspiration. Nothing is really said, no opinion is made, no risks are taken, so nothing really funny happens; the brain doesn’t light up with connections nor does the heart ignite with fury or indignation. It’s just a chuckle, if that, a harmless non-thought sandwiched between editorials, letters to the editor and syndicated columns that, for all of their faults (and there are many), at least show engagement with the world around them and strive to advance a position, however futile. Is it any wonder more professional political cartoonists are losing their jobs?

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Monday: Joe The Plumber!

10.16.2008 |