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Everyone is looking for that great way to reach out to voters with a simple message. "It's The Economy, Stupid!" or "It's Morning In America!"

Well, Ed Rendell, Governor of the fine state of Pennsylvania had a great line about Barack and race on This Week Sunday. Worried about it? Shouldn't be. Just use this one on your racist friends. Guaranteed racism buster right here:

Number two, on the issue of race, here is the analogy I give, George. If you're drowning in the middle of the river and you see a man on the riverbank and he's got a coil of rope in his hand, you don't care whether he's black, white, orange or fuchsia, you don't care whether he's Methodist, Jewish or Unitarian. You just care that he's got a strong right arm that can get that rope out to you in the middle of the river.

And Senator Obama has that strong right arm, he's got the policies that can turn this country around. And Pennsylvanians are focusing on that.

I like how he compares the action of people in his state pressing a button for a black man to them being near death and realizing they have to set aside their racism for one moment and allow a black person to save them. The only other option is death.

I can see some guy stroking his chin stubble now: "You know, I guess there are some situations where I could tolerate the kindness of a black man. Thanks, Ed."

Why do white people always bust out the non-existent skin tones when they talk about how non-discriminatory they are? If I was drowning in a river and a fuchsia colored Unitarian man offered me some rope I'd choose death. Fuck those dudes.

10.06.2008 |