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Couric Vs. Palin

One of the strangest answers Palin gave in the Couric interview was that she reads “all of them” when asked what news media she looks to. All of ’em? Wow.

She obviously is not much of a reader, but couldn’t she have said “Oh, Time and Newsweek, Katie. Love ’em.” I’m not looking for a scholar here, but I am wondering if we even have a politician with a base-level ability to BS her way through a question that a fourth grader would ask their grandpa for a report on career day without a prepared response.

People were then relieved that she didn’t crumble after spouting talking points and exaggerated folk-isms during the debate. platitude fest.

Oh, and a few days later she did come up with an answer: She reads the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Economist. There. That wasn’t so hard. She even got the added bonus of having the question asked by Carl Cameron of FOX News who could barely conceal his desire to have sex with her.

Wednesday: The Race Factor

10.05.2008 |