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PRESS RELEASE - September 29, 2008

Matt Bors Inks Toons for Free Inquiry Magazine

Matt Bors has become the regular cartoonist for Free Inquiry magazine. He will be drawing multiple cartoons for each issue of the bimonthly journal of secular humanist news and opinion. Bors replaces Don Addis who has drawn for the magazine for decades.

"He appears to have the right stuff and then some," says Christopher Hitchens, a columnist for Free Inquiry. "If you already know, then you will know what I mean. If you don't, then hasten to find out."

The October/November issue has hit newsstands and features four cartoons by Bors that deal with papal indulgences, why god allows suffering, Barack Obama's religiosity and Blue Laws that prevent liquor from being sold on Sunday. (A pressing concern for the secular lush.) Bors also illustrated the cover.

"Religious issues are some of my favorite to tackle," says Bors. "Editorial cartooning is about bringing the powerful down a notch through humor. What better target than the creator of the universe and his Earth-bound surrogates?"

"I'm proud to be joining a magazine that looks at society's most cherished beliefs with a skeptical eye. It is the approach I strive for in my cartoons."

A comic from the current issue of Free Inquiry accompanying a column by Christopher Hitchens on papal indulgences.
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