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There was a small chance, economic and insane social beliefs aside, that Sarah Palin could have at least held her own with a reporter after a few weeks of cramming with advisers. But that is clearly not the case. She makes Bush look curious. I haven’t heard a single thought from her yet. She has read a carefully crafted speech and given two interviews in which she mouthed nothing but talking points. (We won’t count her conversation with Hannity as an interview.) When Couric and Gibson caught her off guard or asked her question she didn’t know, the results were frightening.

Countries like Pakistan, where rape victims are sometimes killed by their family (but not charged for rape kits), are forward-thinking enough to have elected a smart woman to their highest office. After all women have accomplished in this country, the barrier breaker could be Sarah Palin, a criminally dumb religious fanatic.

Monday: McCain’s Honor

09.25.2008 |