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Today's cartoon comes from RJ Matson.

Setup: Here we have Sarah Palin, presented in unlabeled splendor, leading one of the human-animal hybrids that George Bush warned us about down a road by his Gen X nose piercing. This species is a "Bull Moose Maverick." (genus: POW quadruped.) With me so far? Good.

Dilemma: There's just one question I have for this one and that is: why is the scrubland labeled "social conservatives"? The further Ms. Palin and Mr. Moose walk down that Alaskan path, the further it will put them from the social conservatives who are firmly rooted in the soil and, one must presume, the base on which they rely upon for winning in November. (And perhaps grazing sustenance for which the Moose relies upon. [Do Moose graze? I have no clue. {Leave your ideas in the comments!}])

Possible Explanation: Despite being a much Ballyhooed demographic, "social conservatives" are in reality this country's scrubland--an unsightly bunch of dry useless plants. No one likes to look at them and no one has any use for them--especially a woman with a rifle and a nice pair of fuck me boots. It is in this context that Palin and MooseCain walk away from the rapture-right vegetation. (This is called the "On To Greener Pastures Theory.")

Actual Explanation: The label is not meant for the background plants but the space between Palin and McMoose in the foreground. He labeled air molecules! It is she leading he, closing the gap between social conservatives and Mooses (sp?), thus creating a cheap but effective Bridge To Somewhere. Where? Victory.
09.23.2008 |