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You may have seen the MTV show "Sweet Sixteen." It was the one where the most privileged, annoying children on Earth spend more on their sixteenth birthday party than most American families earn in a year. As if to atone for the sin of creating that show (but actually just milk the success of it) they have created Exiled, a show where the Sweet Sixteeners, now around 18, are "exiled" for a whole week to live with poor indigenous people.

I caught part of the preview show where the girls are informed by their parents that they won't have access to their multiple cars or shoe closet for a few days. One guy sat down his rich daughter and told her she would be headed to the Amazon to live with an indigenous tribe.

And then, I shit you not, this exchange took place:

Daughter: Have they seen people before?

Father: They are people.

There's a dystopian sci-fi/action movie formula someone works into a film every 8 years or so that involves inmates exiled to some crazy prison island who must battle it out in arenas or on racetracks in brutal life or death spectacles to win back their freedom.

Someone should take these kids' new cars, outfit them with machine guns and make them enter Death Race. I'd watch that show.
08.26.2008 |