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Cross-posted at the ACLU's Blog of Rights.

In Franz Kafka's 1925 novel, The Trial, a man awakens to be suddenly arrested and put on trial for an unspecified crime in a court where no evidence is presented. Hey, at least he got a trial! Most detainees at Guantánamo Bay are still waiting to defend themselves against their crimes — real or imaginary.

In my latest Civil Discourse comic I riff on the unsettling fact that there is a super secret detention camp within Guantanamo Bay called "Camp 7." Somehow, they have even less rights in that camp. Who knows--maybe there's another prison inside that one!

I look forward to the day when we don't have to use the words "Orwellian" and "Kafka-esque" to describe our treatment of detainees in the "War on Terror." Maybe the next President will try to live up to the writings Jefferson instead of Kafka.
08.25.2008 |