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McCain Nation

Being a best selling author is becoming easier and easier. Fake memoirs have been all the rage in recent years. Make some shit up, slap it between two covers and call it a memoir. Next stop, Oprah!

Memoir not your thing? Try political smear books. After Jerome Corsi literally wrote the book on swiftboating, he’s been asked back on the major networks to talk about his latest on Barack Obama. Do networks have an obligation to give a discredited liar a platform?

This man isn’t even your standard Malkin-level right-wing turd. He’s off the charts. He belongs to the whacked-out Christian nationalist Constitution Party and is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. And an Anti-Semite. Oh, and he thinks the Earth produces an infinite supply of oil. Really.

I have a similar theory about bullshit, mouths, and television.

Friday: A New World Record

08.19.2008 |