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I wasn’t going to toon about the Edwards affair, but after my last comic I wanted to expand on the idea of Barack being the last major male politician to have remained faithful to his wife (he’s young, give it time.) I really hope he can keep his dick in his pants. Edwards is going to have trouble showing his face again without people throwing tomatoes at it.

When pundits say with certainty that Edwards’ political career is over I just don’t understand where they are getting this from. Newt Gingrich, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani have all had mistresses that became their wives after treating their previous wives like shit–informing them of breakups on live TV or their hospital beds. Ouch!

I actually caught a segment of Hannity & Comes where Colmes brought up McCain’s douchebag move of cheating on and leaving his wife after she was mangled in a car wreck. Hannity went ballistic and started yelling “he was tortured for five years!”

Also, I made an error in this comic. The child is actually a female. The few reports I read didn’t note the sex of the child and I’ve seen numerous cartoons with the child having Edwards hair so I assumed it was male. I apologize for spreading this vicious misinformation.

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08.14.2008 |