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The Dark Knight

I'm having trouble coming up with the theme editorial cartoonists will use when they haphazardly force a Batman analogy in their coming cartoons. The Hulk was easy: "Gas prices make consumer mad!" Maybe an old couple sitting on a couch five feet from a 92 inch plasma TV. Batman's on the screen (bootlegged copy) and one says "Can he save our mortgage?" Bonus after thought from the cat sitting in the corner: "Such a joker."

I'd say that's cringe-inducing enough to appear in a newspaper.

Some cartoonists are seemingly bound by law to adapt every motion picture to some current political item. Some get special treatment. (why do one Brokeback Mountain cartoon when you can do five?) Let's hope the Mamma Mia! cartoons make it out of the sketchbook next week.
07.17.2008 |