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This whole cover controversy made me realize I haven't received an issue of The New Yorker for a few weeks. My elitism might wear off. I called to see if there was a problem with my subscription.

After hearing a pre-recorded explanation of the meaning for the cover, I pressed some buttons and got through. The woman I talked to sounded relieved that I actually wanted to receive the magazine. I asked if it was a rough day. "You're the first person in a few hours that hasn't yelled at me." Were a lot of people calling to cancel their subscriptions? "Some. Mostly people calling to tell me I'm racist. I want to go home."

She's just at some call center the magazine farms this crap work out to. I felt bad and told her I'd buy her a beer if I could. She said thanks and had one last question. "Would you like to buy a gift subscription today for only $39?"

She didn't want to ask, but the call may have been monitored to ensure quality service.
07.17.2008 |