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New Yorker Round Up!

Thankfully, the New Yorker cover controversy has died down and we can all go back to talking about important matters like Madonna's brother's new book (/sarcasm). Unlike The New York Times, If I want to know satirists take on a cartoon controversy, I will refer to cartoonists--not Jay Leno writers.

The Comics Reporter and the Columbia Journalism Review both have takes from a number of cartoonists, including myself.

Lloyd Dangle's latest tackles cartoon outrage and Tom Tomorrow illustrates how to make satire more obvious. Joel Pett ups the meta-levels.

Most in the media went directly to analysis of the cover without questioning why Obama felt the need to immediately denounce the cover. Cartoonists bristle when elected officials start issuing critiques of the craft. Kevin Moore, Signe Wilkinson and Mike Lester go after Obama.

I was going to draw something but it wouldn't have come out until Friday. A new story will be blown out of proportion by then. (However, if a newspaper would like to hire me to draw cartoons six days a week, please shoot me an e-mail!) Until then, I'll throw out these now again--a new feature for throwaway cartoons on the news of the day. My own editorial cartoon generator. No drawing required!

What should I call it?
07.16.2008 |