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Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

cross-posted at the ACLU's Blog of Rights.

Bush's approval ratings are so low they would have given King George pause, yet Congress keeps granting him all the power he wants. Their latest capitulation on FISA granted the President even more power to spy on Americans without a warrant. Count the Fourth Amendment among the many Bush has trampled on.

But we still have the Third Amendment! You remember the Third, don't you? It's the one about the government not being able to quarter soldiers in our homes. Sounds a bit antiquated in this modern era but at least the government can't spend the night after their unreasonable search and seizure.

The latest Civil Discourse comic imagines what may happen if the President decided he needed some leeway in that department. Nothing says "fightin' terror" quite like a soldier in the living room!

It may seem far-fetched, but hey, Bush only has a few months left in office and this guy seems like he's trying to set a record for Amendments shattered.
07.15.2008 |