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Jesse Jackson's remarks about wanting to make Barack Obama the first Black President to get his nuts cut off is getting a lot of play. It always boggles my mind that in news reports of these supposedly important stories, you often don't get to read controversial remarks, but hear them described in a roundabout way.

The "Nappy Headed Hos" controversy comes to mind. Reading about it in newspapers made it hard to figure out what was said. I guess they feel adults can't handle offensive language relayed for journalistic purposes and want to tempt readers to go to the internet. (And people say newspapers aren't relevant!)

Anyway, I like this description from ABC:
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr., founder and president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, made a crude and disparaging remark along the lines of wanting to rip Obama's genitals off...
Instead of saying it was "along the lines" of ripping his balls off, why not just come out and say he wanted to cut them off? To my mind, cutting balls off is far less brutal than having them ripped off. Snipping nuts at least leaves a clean cut for the doctors to work with. Ripping? Oh dear god.

Update: Check out this hilarious compilation of of the cable networks struggling to explain what Jackson said.
07.10.2008 |