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I was really not planning on commenting on the George Carlin obits, but I have to chime in for just a second. Many have the identical wording "You can't say those seven words here either, Mr. Carlin" while standing at the Pearly Gates and it's kind of embarrassing. Do we need to go through this shit every two weeks?

I'm not going to expend the energy it would take to post and ridicule them, but head over to Cagle's blog to see some of the worst. He sent out an e-mail to the artists that drew them and asked why they would put an outspoken atheist in Heaven. It's interesting to see some of their replies.

Cagle writes:
When I was on my recent speaking tour of China, I showed a bunch of Pearly gate cartoons (I've drawn my share of Pearly Gates cartoons, too). Often a question would come form the audience, "Are you a Christian?" I would reply, "I'm not much of anything." And the questioner would reply, "No, no, I think you are a Christian."
Many of the artists who respond aren't religious either and yet they continue to pump out these horribly unoriginal cartoons for dead people who aren't even Christian. It's like a profession-wide pathology. Anything resembling a tribute to Carlin that is taking place at the Pearly Gates would have to be ironic and feature George making some comment about the large amount of BS religion is based on. Otherwise, slapping a celebrity with their most famous line along side them isn't endearing--it's crap.

(Kevin Moore had the most respectable one I've seen.)
06.26.2008 |