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Do We Have A Problem Here?

Well, it's Tuesday so that means it's time for Rob Tornoe to point out another instance of lazy cartooning. This time a well respected cartoonist, two time Pulitzer winner David Horsey, has reissued a six year old cartoon with new words in the balloons.

Rob might draw more cartoons than any staffer--up to 15 a week for he doesn't have much sympathy for those who can't draw something new for the day:

In an era of declining jobs for cartoonists, it's my view that the ones lucky enough to have staff jobs should take the responsibility seriously. Especially when the majority of them only draw one cartoon a day, if that.

They at least owe it to the cartoonists out there struggling, trying to make a living.

Update: Make sure to check Rob's comments to see Horsey's explanation.
06.17.2008 |