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Sean Delonas: Worse Than a Hack

Another day, another cartoon that makes me ashamed of my chosen profession.

Sean Delonas is a cartoonist whose work runs in the NY Post. His cartoons are usually ad hominem attacks on gays, women, fat people, and celebrities, which is why they run on on "Page 6." Nothing funny or clever finds its way out of this guy's brain. But apparently he is so flattered by himself he copies his own cartoons. (found on Queerty via Rob Tornoe.)

Here is his cartoon for April 6 ridiculing Thomas Beatie, the "pregnant man."

"Any Suggestions?"

I have one: deliver the baby.

Now, two months later, Sean is so incredibly inept and unqualified as a cartoonist that he can't even think of an original idea for the day--so he plagiarizes his own shitty cartoon. Hack is too nice a word. It insults normal hack cartoonists who churn out crap, but still bother to make a new drawing or joke. Delonas simply redrew the comic and issued it on June 10. This time he dropped half the words.


I have one: Resign.

Where are the Editors on this stuff? Do they find the fact that someone they pay to draw cartoons thinks he can mirror his own work and turn it in for the day? You see things like this, you look at the identical and predictable cartoons being drawn every day and editorial cartoonists wonder why we're getting laid off.

I flipped the one around and made two images...

When overlaid, you can see he didn't even eyeball it, but traced almost the entire cartoon.

This is lunacy. Why even go to all the trouble of redrawing it? Just reissue it. Want to make fun of the trans man again? Here, it's easy. Let's see...pregnant guy on delivery table. The doctor looks over and says "It's a boy." Draw it from a different angle and there you go: one hack cartoon for the day. It took me three seconds to think up.


I've e-mailed Sean and his editor early Monday to get their take, but they haven't responded.
06.16.2008 |