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This campaign cycle has been dominated by hyper-analyzing some of the candidates' most mundane mannerisms and traits: Hillary's laugh, her cleavage, her tear, his flag pin.

The latest? The quick fist bump between Barack and Michelle Obama during his speech in Minnesota. Yahoo! currently has it as the top story, saying it "has people talking." The Washington Post has some insight into the historic nomination of the first fist bumping candidate nominated by a major party.

It was the fist bump heard 'round the world.

As Barack Obama walked onstage in St. Paul, Minn., to claim the Democratic nomination Tuesday night, he and wife Michelle hugged and then, gazing into each other's eyes with knowing smiles, gently knocked knuckles.

He also gave her a playful little pat on the butt, but it was the bump that got everyone talking.
I like how they write "'round" instead of "around." Very hip. Almost as hip as fist bumps.

I guess it's shocking whenever a politician does something normal people do and you know it isn't the result of an adviser leaning over and whispering, "the people like to do the fist bump thing--you should give it a try." Is this the elitist behavior of his Hillary told us about?

The antithesis of this moment had to be the image of McCain during his speech. The awkward grinning, bad jokes, and deep-green vomit background made him look like a creepy old man. Maybe when they meet on stage for an event there will be an embarrassing moment where one tries to give dap and the other shake hands, followed by the "what the fuck are we doing" hand shuffle.
06.05.2008 |