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A Christian writer who has begun witnessing to me through e-mail wrote, at least initially, about my Michelle Malkin comic:
Muhamhead [sic] also said to fight until the whole world is submitted to Islam.

...and that is exactly what is happening.

Why ding Michelle because she points it out?

If you ARE aware of the violent teachings of Islam, then why ding her?

Why not ding Islam for it's official teachings?

Seems strange to me.

Any reasoning for why?

Just wondering.

Best regards,
Dang, that's a whole lot of "dings" there, Joe. I'll try to respond in your native language: Malkin is a ding dang idiot so I gave her a dinger. Jihadists are also big dingers who have dinged us and should be danged back, but they are not taking over the whole dang world through ding dang Dunkin' Donut ads.

Thus, I dinged Michelle.
06.03.2008 |