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The ACLU is involved in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the CIA for refusing to comply with their requests for documents relating to waterboarding detainees and the international archipelago of CIA black sites set up by Presidential Directive.

Tuesday they gave in and released some documents. Boy, what a score! Just check out how informative these documents are! Study carefully. There will be a test.

I guess they ran out of black marker so decided to omit huge chunks, saying they were "denied in full." Notice how the page below is fully redacted except for the phrase "Water Board." It's as if they wanted to taunt us: hey, look what this document has to do with...too bad you can't see it!

"Even a cursory glance at these heavily-redacted documents shows that the CIA is still withholding a great deal of information that should be released," said Jameel Jaffer, Director of the ACLU National Security Project.
That's quite an understatement.
05.30.2008 |