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Fairness And Equality in the Blogosphere!

Glenn Foden wanted me to post his original e-mail to me in the interest of "fair dialogue." Fair enough:
Hey, Matt
So, you think the cartoon I did about CA's gay marriage thing was "crap." Curious, and unfamiliar with your work, I checked out your stuff. You've done some interesting work. Nice But, if my cartoon bothered someone of your political ilk, I won't be losing any sleep, I'll just be drawing harder. We all grab our energy any place we can. Thanks for the boost. Seriously, keep it up though. The country needs all voices.

Glenn tells me he wasn't targeting gay people with his comic, but activist judges. He says, "Personally, I don't care what they do. And, if the citizens of California want to legalize it, God bless democracy."

I'm glad Glenn is more open minded than I had him pegged. I'd like to build on this relationship. If we get a 51% majority here in Oregon to approve Pig Marriage, I'll fly Glenn out to officiate my wedding (to a female pig--I'm no pig homo).
05.30.2008 |