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One From The Vault

Here's the first comic I drew of Scott McClellan back in 2004. Oh Scotty, how I have missed you.

I never would have thought McClellan would be denounced by Fox News and Karl Rove, but it's fun to watch him be at the other end of a smear campaign designed to suppress the truth. (Have you heard his publisher put out a book by George Soros?) If only he wasn't making a handsome sum doing it.

The last six months of Scott's job were painful to watch. Day in and day out he was hammered on the Valerie Plame affair and had nothing much to offer except stammering denials and a sweaty brow. Maybe he was so embarrassed that he felt the need to redeem himself. Maybe he just wanted the money. Whatever the case, McClellan lied so hard for so long that he can never make things right.
05.29.2008 |