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Hillary’s been doing a great job of destroying her chances at all three of the justifications for her still being in the race: bowing out gracefully, shoehorning herself into the VP slot and actually winning, as impossible as that is.

At this point she would have been better off sticking with “the race isn’t over until someone has all the delegates” mantra. Instead, her reasoning has become increasingly bizarre: RFK got shot in June, Florida is now Zimbabwe, she’s actually ahead in the vote count and if Democrats elected nominees like the Republicans she would have won already.

And if Democrats ran primaries the way Saddam Hussein did, her Michigan victory would be all that more impressive.

On Sunday she was down in Puerto Rico calling for Obama to debate her before the vote in a few days. After about 20 debates we got the picture. Hillary and her followers love to taunt Barack’s refusal to debate yet again. But for all her rhetoric about letting the voters hear the candidates out before deciding, she refused to debate her primary challenger, Jonathan Tasini, a single time in the 2006 New York Senate race. Does this bother Hillary’s hardcore supporters or do they simply think she’s the only one it’s ok to coronate?

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