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Now that it is increasingly clear Obama will be the Democratic nominee, some–including Hillary–are wondering if he can win over “hard-working” white people.

But Barack Obama showed up in white-ass Portland today and 75,000 people showed up. It looked like Woodstock! Granted, Oregon is different than West Virginia–we are elitist, by which I mean our beer tastes better than piss and the coffee better than mud.

I had no idea he was speaking when I flew in this afternoon from a weekend in Boise. Downtown thousands of people were snaking through the city in line for the event. I asked a young girl what was going on. She looked at me like I was insane. “Obama!!!” she screamed, trying to blast away my ignorance.

He spoke at the Waterfront Park and I could hear him from my apartment, about a mile away. My girlfriend and I rode our bikes down and caught the tail end of the speech as close as we could. In his closing line he said that if we voted for him we could change the entire planet! I would like to change the planet into gak. Is that possible?

My buddy Shannon Wheeler posted some photos of it.

05.18.2008 |