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Copying Your Own Turd

Jeff Darcy combines two of the worst cliches today: The Fat Lady Singing and using American Idol as a metaphor for the presidential race. His Hillary caricature is good--I'm not sure why he needs to label her.

Jeff Darcy
The Plain Dealer
May 15, 2008

But I thought it looked familiar. Indeed, Jeff was just regurgitating a concept he used only a week earlier!

In case you didn't know the fat viking lady opera singer was a "fat lady singing," he wrote it across her expansive chest.

Jeff Darcy
The Plain Dealer
May 8, 2008

Isn't this where the Editor steps in and asks for a different concept? Jeff, when she finally bows out let's not "beat a dead horse" and do the opera gag again, ok?
05.15.2008 |