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The other night I caught a few minutes of wrestling on the tube. It reminded me of when I was in second grade and got really into wrestling for about six months. I wondered, what ever happened to the Ultimate Warrior? He was some bad ass dude that was wrecking everyone in the WWF at the time but didn't stick around to do Slim Jim commercials or get his own reality show.

So I googled him and it turns out he's making his living as a right-wing motivational speaker. He has a blog, naturally. He deems it so in-your-face aggressive that he has a corny warning before you enter.
I express my opinions in a mature, bold, blunt, and politically-incorrect fashion...

I am also NOT confused about my gender. I have no desire to tone down the nature of the sex I am. I am a male and am proud to be a man. I will often forcefully punctuate my points and positions on ideas and issues with manly language. I make no apologies.
Ug! Ultimate Warrior no like PC!

WARNING: forceful, manly punctuation ahead...very manly...

you've been warned....

!Aaargh!!@#!!Muscle!!@#!$!! Penis!!!


There, I feel better now. Obviously VH1 needs to follow Flavor of Love and Rock of Love with The Ultimate Warrior of Love. Really. I'd watch it.
05.13.2008 |