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At this point I’m not even sure Hillary will deliver a concession speech.

Here’s an e-mail from a very nice woman named Pam who took time out of her day to inform me about her rather insane views:

The press seems to handle Obama with kid gloves …He certainly has become "One of Them" – a Washington Politician at his best. I am so surprised that he is able to pull the wool over people’s eyes with "eloquent"?? speaches that say nothing of substance. Maybe a cartoon on how he expressly opposed new primaries in Michigan and florida. His fear of a new vote and his unwillingness to debate Hillary show his weakness and disregard for the American people and his high regard for himself – arrogant and elitist – Jim Jones also created a mass of followers by his words – any resemblence to Obama?

If he does steal the nomination from Hillary, I will choose to either not vote or vote for mccain who I think is the lesser of two evils. At least McCain’s patriotism and his love of America has never come into question.

I get these kind of e-mails a lot. Why aren’t you being harder on so and so? Why aren’t you spreading the message about the shadow government’s involvement with 9/11? Why aren’t you using your cartooning abilities to address the very issues I obsess over everyday?

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