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An Air Force Major at the Pentagon (seriously) writes in:
I realize from the tone of your cartoons, you are not of the belief that those who know how to create wealth should be trusted with the resources to do that.

I have a great idea…please push for the American people to elect socialists to power.
The e-mail then goes on for about 1200 words with a litany of suggestions for my theoretical socialist regime. If I posted the whole thing you'd get bored and go away. Here's some tidbits.
...We can also ban all imports from countries that compete with our own products...we will need to reduce the size of the military by about half...released from the mental institutions...A person's economic success is in their hands...
Then, finally, the point:
When you and your palls [sic] can get this done and after four years of living under a socialist regime, let us know whether you still have your Marxist beliefs about "the rich."
We only get four years? I thought he'd at least grant me the customary Marxist five year plan thing. It's refreshing to know that top brass at the Pentagon spend their mornings composing long e-mails to cartoonists that sound like rants from a FOX News host.

I'm flattered, but isn't he supposed to be doing something important with his time at work? It's almost like he's part of some inefficient big government bureaucracy that needs reform...
05.07.2008 |