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The Nation just sent out this e-mail:

Imagine this...

Sunday...dinner with The Reverend Jesse Jackson. intimate acoustic concert with Jackson Browne.

Tuesday...Relaxing on the beach in Curacao next to Jeremy Scahill.

Wednesday the blackjack table with Victor Navasky.

Thursday...cocktails with Katrina vanden Heuvel.

What's going on here? Did you die and go to heaven?

No, that's what you'll find on this year's Nation Magazine Seminar Cruise to the Caribbean.

Sounds heavenly. I know I've had dreams about that exact week long itinerary.

My question: Does everyone on the trip get to relax next to Jeremy Scahill on the beach in Curacao? And will there be an opportunity to rub sun screen all over his muckraking physique? There's only so much Scahill to go around. These lefty mags never get supply and demand, do they?

05.05.2008 |