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Pundits are wondering why Obama sat in his church for 20 years listening to this guy. I wonder why anyone sits in a church any amount of time listening to anyone. I’m looking forward to the day when the most media coverage a “Man Of The Cloth™” can get is an item on the local news lamenting the fact that they are still yelling at pedestrians from their street corner pulpit every morning.

I’m just kidding folks! Didn’t mean to come off as a crotchety elitist atheist there. I hope religion flourishes, OK?

Of course, asking why a liberal black politician in Chicago attended the largest liberal black church for twenty years is a a question that seems to answer itself. But what if Obama had maintained his status as a non-believer to this day? After all, he was raised in a secular household and only managed to find a reason to believe that Jesus died for his sins around the time he became involved in politics.

Wait–how dare I make that inference!

Conversions happen all the time though and I don’t know what’s in his heart. Maybe Reverend Wright is really good at convincing Harvard Law School grads that Jesus was born of a virgin. But what if he never was religious and simply replied to questions about his faith by saying that he doesn’t believe in a creator?

I think we’d see that in this country trying to get into office with a belief in the Big Bang and a little bit of chance would be more controversial than a pastor hollering about AIDS being created by the government.

Call me crazy.

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