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So there's that video from the 90s where some campaign guy for Clinton was supposed to say something racist and everybody flipped out for a couple of hours, but now it seems to be fake. I listened to Ed Schultz today and he was ranting and raving about how this is a "shocking revelation" and that Hillary Clinton needs to publicly explain why this guy on her husband's campaign may have said the "n-word" in 1992. A very pressing matter, to be sure. I'm doing some polling on it tonight to see how many people switched to Obama because of it.

Something else in the video struck me as offensive and that was George Stephanopolous's jean jacket. IT'S HORRID. What is Hillary's position on this? I'm no high-paid radio host or pundit but I think she need to distance herself from it. This is very off putting to many Americans. We'd like to put that era behind us. The 90s was not a good time for everything, Mrs. Clinton.

My video analysts tell me this is NOT doctored. 100% real. I think Obama's people dug this up to embarrass George. He looks so boyish.

Let's talk about it non-stop for the next five weeks.
05.02.2008 |