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Most administration officials retire into cushy lobbying jobs for missile makers or a spot on the board of Conglomo Corp. General Tommy Franks has joined the Board of Directors for Chuck E. Cheese’s. I’m not sure if that’s moving up or down in the world. Richard Frank, CEC CEO:

“General Franks’ experience of managing operations and developing strategy will be invaluable to our board and company…General Franks’ international background and relationships will complement our efforts to grow our business and increase shareholder value.”

Running the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are certainly interesting bullet points to have on one’s resume, though I do wonder how they translate to running a pizza joint where some unfortunate shlup sweats it out in a rat costume for $7 an hour. I guess they figure if he survived Iraq he can handle their hellish franchise. Let’s hope thousands of children don’t die this time.

04.29.2008 |