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This Rob Rogers cartoon mad me laugh. It's amusing to see the Democratic candidates touting their religion and love of weaponry more than the Republican.

Rob Rogers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Apr 15, 2008

This Lisa Benson cartoon, however, is a parody gone bad. It combines an Absolute Vodka ad and Obama's recent remarks about unemployed gun nuts.

Often we editorial cartoonists peg the news to a current movie or something and do a parody of it because it's easy and funny if done right. But what's the implication here? Obama's recent remarks about "bitter" small town Americans threatens to hand off half the country to Mexico? I don't get it. It couldn't possibly be that clumsy. I must be missing something so let me know in the comments.

Lisa Benson
Victor Valley Daily Press
Apr 15, 2008
04.16.2008 |