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The First Turd Awards: Heston Obits

Editorial Cartoonists usually take a day off when a celebrity dies because they know they can churn out a shitty obit cartoon and not think for the rest of the day. The formula for an obit cartoon is quite simple: Draw the celebrity at the Pearly Gates and have St. Peter saying their most famous line. Presto! You're an editorial cartoonist (wait--please don't become one. The profession is dying and we don't need any innovative competition at this point.)

Cagle has a roundup of many of the comics. Most predictably use the "cold, dead hands" thing. (Dan Piraro did it years ago). But I'm shocked by the amount of people who thought having Moses meet Heston in heaven was an idea worth being printed.

I hate to publicly make fun of my fellow cartoonists, but, well, they really deserve it.

Turds are awarded on a scale of one to four. Four being the turdiest.

Moses and Heston are BFFs in heaven. Heston has even taken to wearing a press-on beard so balding angels can't tell them apart. (There's balding in heaven? Thanks god!)

John R. Rose
Byrd Newspapers of Virginia
Apr 9, 2008

This is the only Planet of the Apes reference I found. St. Peter decided to play a trick on Heston and donned an Ape mask! He then informs us that "Chuck's got a good sense of humor," which the artist must have put in there to let us know it was supposed to be funny.

Savannah Morning News
Apr 8, 2008

If this came out Monday I'd be a bit more forgiving. But it took Randy Bish three days to think up this stinker. Four turds. You win!

Randy Bish
Apr 9, 2008


And one final note. I have to give a special award to Dean Turnbloom, who managed to do not one, but two Heston obit cartoons and not even draw Charlton Heston. I don't know if anyone's done anything like that before. One features Heston's open casket funeral and the second depicts his grave. Sometime between the funeral and the burial he must have switched guns---one shows a double-barreled and the other a regular rifle.
04.09.2008 |