Matt Bors
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While John McCain was in Iraq late last week with his two barnacles, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, he repeatedly connected Iran and Al Qaeda. McCain claims he misspoke but repeated the claim at least three times. This is his lifetime of experience we are supposed to like. has good coverage of the “gaffe” here and here.

Why can’t he differentiate between Iran and Al Qaeda, Sunni and Shiia? Because he views the world through a militaristic prism. All enemies are woven from the same evil cloth and must be eradicated with extreme prejudice. We’re talking about a man who’s only lament about the Vietnam war was that we didn’t stay and win. We already know he vilifies at least one entire race as enemies and sub-humans.

During the 2000 campaign McCain came under fire for saying “gooks” all the time. When asked about it he replied “I hate the gooks, I will hate them as long as I live.” He finally agreed to quit saying the racist slur in public.

I wonder: would Obama still have a viable presidential campaign if he declared an undying hatred for “honky ass crackers” let alone made the same remark about Iran and Al Qaeda?

03.26.2008 |