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Sex Scandal Cheat Sheet

Another argument for electing more women to political office (besides the whole equality thingy) is that the prostitution market is much smaller for them. Perhaps–and this is just a wild guess–they would be less inclined to order a prostitute or hit on people in a public restroom thus not having to resign in disgrace.

Given the shocking level of hypocrisy involved in the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal, it seemed he had no choice but to resign. But what if he were a Republican? They’re good at hanging in there–just think of Larry Craig. And while a sex scandal sends the public and punditocracy into fits of rage, there is a surprising lack of resignation calls when people, say, invade a nation for no particular reason and kill hundreds of thousands of civilians. I guess hooker stories are more exciting.

And his wife. Her lifeless expression while standing next to her husband during his first public remarks spoke volumes. I’m going to stand and applaud when one of these women sends the man out by himself to face the cameras and spends the time hiring a good divorce lawyer.

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03.17.2008 |