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I just scored tickets to the Too Much Coffee Man Opera-The Refill and I'm stoked. I'm going opening night!

The show is fairly priced, especially considering that it includes the previous opera back to back. But then you get into these goddamn ticket fees. After charging me a $6 convenience fee and a $4 processing fee (with the option of overnighting my tickets to me from downtown for only $14.95) I asked what those fees were for. The woman on the other end said one was for "processing" and one was for "handling." I asked if it would be cheaper for me to ride my bike downtown and buy them there. No, same fees.

All of you are aware of this shit. We see it on our phone and cable bills. There should be a law.

The Ticketmaster employee kept calling the show the "Too Much Coffee, Man Oprah," which I can only hope Shannon will consider doing for a third installment.

After the payment was made I was transferred to some third party overseas sketchy outfit that wanted me to pay a dollar for all kinds of amazing benefits including free hotel credits and chances to go on vacations. An introductory rate to their special program. Plus I would get $10 back from my useless fees I just paid. Make it $20 they said. After I declined, they said $40, then $60. How much do I pay after the "introductory dollar" mount expires?

03.11.2008 |