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I think the New York Times made a mistake placing so much emphasis on McCain’s possible romantic relationship with a lobbyist. It looks like he very well may have been messin’ around, but there just wasn’t enough solid evidence for such an explosive allegation. The real issue, his longstanding hypocrisy in dealing with lobbyists, became overshadowed as we recoiled in horror at the thought of having sex with John McCain.

It’s funny to see people like Sean Hannity denouncing the Times for their lack of evidence and anonymous sourcing while still peddling conspiracy theories about Vince Foster. That level of cognitive dissonance should be studied.

The muslim smear on Obama is here to stay and hopefully will only affect morons who wouldn’t have voted Democratic in the first place. My dad told me a coworker of his pulled him over and showed him the photo of Obama in Kenyan tribal gear. “He’s wearing what the enemy wears!” he said. Yes, these people are real.

Monday: Ralph Nader

02.28.2008 |