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The best two cartoons I spotted this morning over at the AAEC site are from Jen Sorensen and Ann Telnaes--two of the best political cartoonists working today. (And some of the only females). Why don't they have staff jobs?

Ann Telnaes
Cartoonists & Writers …
Feb 25, 2008

Jen Sorensen
Village Voice, C-VILLE Weekly
Feb 25, 2008

And the McCain scandal has given lazy cartoonists a day off. Mike Luckovich draws McCain in bed with lobbyists. You see, this is better than the usual depiction of a politician/Uncle Sam/Elephant in bed with a fat man labeled "lobbyist" because McCain may have literally been in bed with lobbyists. Maybe it's meta-commentary on bad cartoons. Who knows?

Mike Luckovich
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Feb 25, 2008

And this one is kind of awkward.

Jimmy Margulies
The Record
Feb 25, 2008
no farting in the tub, Hillary!

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