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Cloned Beef will be appearing on the American market soon since the FDA has recently approved it. Despite lacking a single scientific reason, a lot of people worry that cloned beef will somehow be worse than normal beef that is ground up in a slaughterhouse. Alec Baldwin, who for some reason has his thoughts put on one of the most popular political websites in the world, the Huffington Post, cites worries such as “Many in Congress also oppose the FDA ruling,” which is not a good indicator of anything. Many in Congress opposes stem cell research and the idea of human rights.

Beef isn’t healthy for you and I don’t eat it. I hardly eat any meat. I also don’t think cloning is weird. Factory farming is incredibly wasteful (not to mention unnecessarily cruel). I’m looking forward to the day when we can produce meat on giant trays, without bodies attached, and rid ourselves of the moral quandaries and environmental costs of producing meat (it’s being worked on). We could make it healthier, in whatever colors are in that season and taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream! I, for one, am quite excited about the Brave New World!

We can also make this Bob The Angry Flower strip become a reality. And I want to do that as often as science permits so I hope someone smart is on top of it.

02.11.2008 |