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So this is basically what I said in the fifth panel my latest comic while attempting to parody Ann Coulter:
"I know that [he was a POW]," Coulter declared, "because he mentions it more often than Kerry mentions he was in Vietnam. There were hundreds of POWs and we are not going to make all president. Can't we find a POW who doesn't want to shut down Guantanamo."
I unfortunately read her columns every week and I think they are basically a comedy routine--there's nothing remotely informative, just banter targeted at the most unthinking of the right wing. Her columns don't read like a normal op-ed. A Kristof, Krauthammer or even a Kristol column is rooted in some form of internal logic that makes it cohesive even if they are entirely wrong or based on a fantastic notion. Coulter just throws out one liners with no purpose other than to offend and baffle, like a political Andrew Dice Clay.

"The only way I can promise that I won't vote for Hillary Clinton is if John McCain appoints her as his vice president." [...]

As for former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani: He "enthusiastically supported torturing terrorists," she said to great applause. "McCain hysterically opposes dripping water down the terrorist's noses."

And what if the unthinkable happens, and President McCain is inaugurated? I've led an impeachment movement before, Coulter said, and "I can lead another one."

I recant what I said earlier about her just wanting to sell books. She is disturbed and must be committed to an institution as soon as possible.

02.09.2008 |