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Right Wing Revolt

The Right-Wing’s revolt over John McCain surprised me. I know the man doesn’t follow conservative orthodoxy on everything but he’s solidly right, a government destroyer, a social conservative, war hawk, will nominate Justices “of the character and quality of Justices Roberts and Alito” and has come around on walling off the southern border. The man’s image as a war hero and maverick will play well in a general election and he represents the best chance they have at retaining the White House after eight years of disaster.

Gail Collins summed it up thusly: “Once again, the reason for everything terrible about American politics for the last 20 years becomes clear. These people are nuts.”

That’s it really. They’re insane. A man who wants to take us to war with Iran and stay in Iraq for one hundred years is not tough enough to Ann Coulter because he opposes torture. I think her and Rush realize they can make millions selling anti-Hillary screeds for the next 8 years and worry that under McCain their invective would be less needed.

Watch out for Romney’s return. It seems clear this guy will run again. I think him and Newt Gingrich are waiting in the wings for a democratic administration so they can swoop in as a savior and return the party to its conservative roots.

02.08.2008 |