Matt Bors
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John Edwards was a great candidate. He was willing to be more direct in pointing out the sources of inequity in our society and actually mentioned poor and homeless people–something politicians don’t usually do because they have no money to donate and barely vote. One thing I liked was, unlike Obama and Clinton, he said corporations don’t get a “seat at the table” when deciding policy. Obama and Clinton just want them to have fewer chairs. Why the citizens who control corporations should have any more influence in deciding public policy than the average person I’ll never know. Edwards seemed like he was ready to start closing that gap.

He still had some flaws that really bugged me. For someone who was engaged in this fight his “whole life” he really blew the opportunity to actually do something about it when he had power in the Senate, voting for the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, Bankruptcy Bill–just about every major piece of horrible legislation. He seemed to come around on all those, but what information does he have now that he didn’t then? I also never want to hear him mention what his father did for a living ever again.

02.01.2008 |